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Electronics World

Pro-ject is the world's preeminent manufacturer of turntables for it's own brand and OEM manufacturer of other well known turntable models and supplier of specialty high performance turntable parts. Project experience turntableEngineered and manufactured inside the world's largest phonograph manufacturing facility in Austria, Pro-Ject turntables offer unprecedented value and performance. From their affordable Debut line to the audiophile performance of the Classic line Pro-ject has a turntable solution for any type of record playing hobbyist. They also have a large catalog of performance upgrades such as speed boxes to regulate platter speed and dedicated phono pre-amplifiers. They even have a range of turntable shelves that allow you to mount your turntable on a dedicated wall mounted platform.

Pro-ject has been at the forefront of the movement to repopularize the lp. While other audio mediums have been decreasing in popularity, the lp has recently reached new heights in terms of sales volume.  

Electronics world is the best place to audition and buy Pro-ject in Gainesville, Ocala, Lake City, Palatka, Newberry, Reddick, Trenton, Chiefland, Bronson, Keystone Heights, Melrose, Hawthorne, Cedar key, Summerfield.